Calling All Researchers!

Arable is proud to launch our second-generation climate and plant analytics platform this season. Over the past two years, we've deployed more than 1,400 of our devices in 37 countries, monitoring 35 different crops in every agricultural climate zone on Earth. We've used the learnings from our early partners and customers to re-engineer the hardware to be more rugged and durable, and developed our extensive CalVal network with some of the world’s top minds in agriscience to improve the accuracy and measurements from our system. Researchers like you have been integral to this development, and now we’d like to give back.

To help prove out and demonstrate the benefits the Arable platform provides to growers, we are seeking partners and collaborators in the research community. To coincide with the launch of our new system, we are giving away 20 weather and crop monitoring systems to aid projects across the agricultural research spectrum: whether you’re deep in irrigation management, optimizing inputs around weather events and crop growth-stage timing, building predictive analytics around yield and quality, or something so far out we haven’t even seen it before, the Arable platform has got you covered.

If you or a colleague are working on a project that could use any of our 40+ hyperlocal weather or field-derived plant measurements, please fill out the brief application below. We are also offering a special discount for our solution to all university scientists and students.

Application Criteria

To be considered, please write a short note explaining the concept behind your project. We will be reading through all the concepts and will make a selection on Monday, February 10, 2020, with plans to ship the devices in mid-February. Eligible participants must be willing to be interviewed about the project, share data and results, and be able to serve as a reference to other interested researchers. Send a note to with the following details, or fill out the form below:

* Required

Acknowledge willingness to share data and results.

Acknowledge willingness to act as a reference for other researchers.

Discount for Researchers

For researchers and scientists interested in purchasing devices for grants and larger projects, we are happy to offer a discount on our hardware and software. Please send a note to and we will reply with the coupon code. If you need multi-year subscriptions for grant applications, include that in the body of your email, and we will set up billing to match project needs.

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About Arable

We started Arable to provide the measurements, insights, and predictions that enable growers to recognize, address and mitigate risk. Through access to ground-truth knowledge, Arable empowers agricultural stakeholders to more effectively manage natural resources and lower risk throughout the supply chain. Driven by a desire to bridge the chasm between measurements and models, in 2014 Arable was founded with the conviction that the reliance of agtech on models is useless without real data, and the production of data is pointless without an understanding of modeling.